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Qari Shahid Mehmood

Latest collection of Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats are available online free for users to listen and download. Qari Shahid Mahmood is well-renowned Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan. He is popular among Pakistani masses due to his great and sweet voice of reciting Punjabi Kalam. He is the first Punjabi accent Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan. His most famous Naat “Dou Meema and E Sarkaar Ki Parta Hoon Main are eminent popular among young generation of Pakistan. He has been attended several Live Naat Mehfil in many countries and performed his best in all competitions. Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats Pukaroo Ya Rasoolalah Ya Habiballah is a well-known Naats in all fields. He is considered the best performer as a Sanna Khu’wan

Qari Shahid Mahmood

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